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Empowering Students for a Greener Future

Join the ESIVER Project in Fighting Climate Change Through Ecotourism and Sustainable Entrepreneurship
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Transforming Climate Education & Ecotourism

The ESIVER project aims to combat climate change by educating vocational training students on the climate crisis and equipping them with skills in various sectors crucial for sustainability. Once aware of the problem’s scope, project partners will guide and monitor target groups towards their own ecotourism initiatives near rivers, generating employment and benefiting the environment.


Our Goals

  • Research the characteristics of the green transition and its relationship with the post-COVID economic cycle.
  • Focus partner design work on ecological entrepreneurship to improve target groups’ competencies in different sources of sustainable tourism in river landscapes.
  • Provide the vocational training field with educational tools and mentoring to prepare students to invest in ecotourism initiatives and combat climate change.
  • Create a broad network of vocational training centers, business groups, and public institutions to adopt the green transition and adhere to the European Green Deal.
  • Ensure project impact longevity with a solid sustainability and transferability strategy to integrate project results into stakeholders’ green action plans.

Our Partners

Project Outcomes

  • Research and Advisory Board: A council for the vocational training sector on entrepreneurship, ecology, and sustainability, organized through expert groups in each country investigating the green transition and specific ecotourism activities enhancing river landscapes.
  • Vocational Training Course: Complementary learning for tourism, hospitality, security, and environmental programs with a European perspective based on EntreComp, GreenComp, and DigComp frameworks.
  • Student Platform: A space where vocational training students can access theoretical courses and masterclasses on eco-entrepreneur initiatives in river landscapes, along with mentoring from expert advisors.
  • Sustainability Strategy: A follow-up plan to ensure the integration of project results in involved vocational training centers, promoting lasting sustainability and educational effects. This includes a strategy to engage more centers in applying ESIVER’s outcomes.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Are you passionate about creating a sustainable future? Whether you’re a student, educator, entrepreneur, or environmental advocate, the ESIVER project offers a platform to collaborate, innovate, and make a tangible impact. Together, we can drive the green transition forward.